April 18, 2010

admin on 04 15, 2010

alex-karras-lions-signed-8x10-photo-psadnad_93ebdd29edfe2d3dab9d56c5e12e95b3 7827887

Few men on the planet have enjoyed a successful career in the NFL and decades as a successful actor! Alex Karras was widely known for his ten years with the Detroit Lions and perhaps best know for his role int he popular ABC series Webster and his hilarious portrayal as Mongo in the Blockbuster Mel Brooks film Blazing Saddles!

Also on board is the man who holds the world record for completing the grueling Iron Man competition…. with one leg! “It’s far more disabling to have a bad attitude than a prothetic leg” declares the inspirational Paul Martin. Paul beat out the 95% of the able bodied participants! Don’t miss his amazing story! (www.paulmartinspeaks.com)

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